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Marriage & Couples therapists focus on the interactions between those people involved in loving or intimate relationship. Whether married or not, the focus is upon understanding and resolving conflicts to improve the

Specialized Services for:

Couples and marriage counseling

Ineffective communication

Managing change

Control issues

Imbalance of power

Understanding differences

Abuse / Domestic violence

Sexual health

Jealousy / Infidelity

Financial issues

Couples or marriage counseling provides partners with the tools needed to improve communication, negotiate
differences, solve problems, and learn to argue in a healthier, more productive way. Counselors help couples
to learn new approaches and techniques to increase respect, affection, and closeness.


As with all personal medical records, your private health information is protected by federal law. You can contact us with questions without providing personally identifying information. Any communications between you and your counselor is private, and consistent with Federal law, will not disclosed to any unnecessary persons without your express consent.

Other Counseling Options