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I am honored to be your Concierge for your Mental Health and Self-Care journey. The Mental Health Concierge is a Just-In-Time support to help you THRIVE.

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The Mental Health Concierge specializes in counseling services for individuals, couples and, marriages, to help you THRIVE as an individual and in your relationships.

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I do not profess to be the perfect parent; in fact, I am far from it.  But after every conversation with Dr. E, I feel like I am getting one or two steps closer.  The Mental Health Concierge provides new approaches and alternate perspectives on teen behaviors that have consistently helped us tackle some of our most challenging family issues.  Thank you, Dr. E,!
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Dr. Emmett Shaffer (Dr. E) is an invaluable resource that I highly recommend especially in today’s world. The insightful expertise and practical guidance Dr. E provides is absolutely powerful.  I love the theme of “parent pilot” because with parenting, it sometimes feels like we are literally building the plane while flying it! Thanks Dr. E for providing a clear flight plan for us!
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Dr. Shaffer has guided my daughter and I to higher attitudes and we are forever grateful! Helping my daughter raise two little ones has not been an easy task until we met you! Thank you so much for all you are doing, we appreciate you!

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The Mental Health Concierge is ready to meet your mental health needs.


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